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Common Sense Issues

Left photo: Jill posing with handgun. Center photo: Jill in front of Hamburg Strand. Right photo: Jill shaking hands with man

Mandatory Photo ID to Vote

Liberals and Progressives say photo ID discriminates against those too poor to obtain photo and signature credentials to vote. But, as a Realtor, I know that low income families entering into Section 8 housing agreements are required to have photo ID cards. Additionally, election integrity cannot be restored unless ballot drop boxes & no-fault absentee voting are eliminated.

Eliminate Property Taxes

As a Realtor, I know high property taxes pose the greatest obstacle to home ownership, especially among first time home buyers. When property taxes are 30% of the monthly mortgage payment, many young people no longer qualify for a loan. Seniors make up 40% of the mortgage market. So, while principal and interest remain the same in a 30 year mortgage, property taxes continue to rise, forcing those on fixed incomes out of their homes.

School Choice for Parents

Every parent should have a choice in their children’s education without the penalty of paying school taxes and tuition. Under union control, our public schools have become monopolies, graduating students that rank near the bottom of achievement among nearly every country in the world. I believe public schools will improve and cost taxpayers less if they are forced to compete with private schools.

Strongly Pro-Life

Victims of abortion are the most vulnerable and defenseless members of the human family. Abortion’s direct attack on innocent human life is precisely the kind of violent act that I believe can never be justified.

Strong Supporter of the 2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment has endured for more than 2 centuries. It is a constitutional right meant to protect our freedoms. I believe gun control laws curtail the freedom of law abiding citizens and do nothing to stop criminal behavior. With more than 500 million firearms in circulation, removing criminals from society, rather than firearms, is the quickest way to reduce lawlessness in America.