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The Port Bar & Grill

Powerful event at The Port Bar and Grill with Senator Doug Mastriano, his wife “Rebbie,” Kathy Barnette, and Teddy Daniels.

  • End ALL Mandates
  • School Choice
  • Restore Election Integrity 
  • Defend the Right to Life
  • Eliminate Property Tax

Sound familiar?

People’s Convoy

I had the pleasure of driving along side and camping out with the People’s Convoy in Hagerstown MD for a few days. What an incredible group of true patriots! The love of God and country could be felt from every corner of the Hagerstown Speedway. You will notice from these photos the absence of violence, hate or the destruction of private property. Nothing but respect and love. We were a group of Americans (13,500 and rising to be exact) who came together as one body and one voice to stand up against the mandates, government overreach, mandatory vaccines, rising fuel prices, and child trafficking. Never in my life was I more proud to stand alongside my fellow Americans from all across the country for what we believe in. Thank you Truckers and everyone who showed up!